NSE Big Data Challenge is a competition that connects students with scientists from A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design to come up with innovative applications of data collected in 2015 and 2016.

The process will expose students to Data Science including big data processing, use of data science tools, developing and testing hypotheses to draw meaningful insights from the data collected, and presenting the analyses in simple terms. Schools can also leverage this opportunity to gain insights on their students’ travel patterns, activity levels as well as the characteristics of the schools, students’ activities in school, popular hangout locations in the schools etc.

Shortlisted teams will present their findings, through posters or videos, to invited guests at the NSE Big Data Challenge Finale in January 2017.  Prizes will also be given out to the winning teams on the same day.

Preparatory Workshops

As part of the Challenge, students and teachers will get to participate in a half-day preparatory workshop to learn how to use ModStore, an online data science model building platform developed by A*STAR’s IHPC. ModStore allows students to build and deploy data science models using simple drag and drop style, or develop their own algorithms through a web browser. The platform caters to students with diverse level of computer and data science competency.

Each team will be given a unique password and PIN to access their data through ModStore. After which, IHPC researchers will demonstrate the use of ModStore for sample analyses. There will also be explanation on the variables collected and the type of analyses that can be generated using the online platform. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop so that they can try out the ModStore on the spot .

The preparatory workshops are open to schools which have participated in NSE 2015 and 2016. Participating schools can send up to 12 students and two teachers to attend the workshop.  For schools which did not participate in NSE, they can also send up to two teachers to attend the workshop.

For students who wish to recap what was shared at the preparatory workshops, you can download the briefing slides here.


  • 1st Prize – Up to S$300 worth of gifts for each team member + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • 2nd Prize – Up to S$200 worth of gifts for each team member + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • 3rd Prize – Up to S$100 worth of gifts for each team member + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • Consolation Prizes x3 – Up to S$50 worth of gifts for each team member + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Written report
    • Innovative (25%) – How creative is the use of data?
    • Technical accuracy (25%) – How well is the data processed?
    • Impact (25%) – How much social, environmental, economical value does it create?
  • Presentation (25%)

Winners of NSE 2016 Big Data Challenge

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the NSE 2016 Big Data Challenge! They are:

Secondary School Category

Winner: NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Team 1

  • Leong Song Zhu Owen
  • Ong Yong Chein
  • Saravanan Yukesh Ragavendar
  • Tay Kai Jun

2nd Prize: Maris Stella High School Team 3

  • Gan Jia Jian
  • Chan Dar Shyang
  • Koh Huai, Edan
  • Teo Hao Zhi

3rd Prize: Eastview Secondary School Team 1

  • Huang Chao Hung
  • Benedine Tay Hui Qing
  • Jarry Goh Yu Xian
  • Natasha Lydia Selvan

Consolation Prize: Maris Stella High School Team 1

  • Ang En Ren, Ariel
  • Gavin Goh Jun Chong
  • Lim Xi, Perry
  • Tan Hsien Wen

Consolation Prize: Swiss Cottage Secondary School Team 2

  • Lim Kiat Sen Jaron
  • Tan Xuan Qi Rachel
  • Ang Bin Heng
  • Chen Jun Hua

Tertiary Category

Winner: Singapore Polytechnic Team 1

  • Bryan Cheong Teng Yue
  • Bryston Chang Wa Jie
  • Paing Khantt Lin
  • James Pang Jun Jie

2nd Prize: ITE College West Team 4

  • Neo Zhen Cheng
  • Yap Jun Lin
  • Lim Zi Xiang
  • Koh Zhan Wah Christien

3rd Prize: Nanyang Polytechnic Team 1

  • Ngo Wei An
  • Noel Sung Tze Xuan
  • Andre Ang Peng Ren
  • Tan Zhen Wen

Consolation Prize: Nanyang Polytechnic Team 4

  • Mohamed Izzat Khair Bin Mohamed Noor
  • Lim Dao Yong
  • Chang Jesslyn
  • Darrell Ong Zheng Dao

Consolation Prize: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Team 3

  • Pang Biao Yi
  • Aaron Sng Li Wen
  • Soon Qing Rong
  • Wong Wen Kang

Consolation Prize: ITE College West Team 3

  • Mohammad Fitri B Mohd Ridwi
  • Adam Muhammad Harith B Zakba
  • Hanaffie B Bakri
  • Muhammad Faruq Bin Jumadi