NSE Big Data Challenge 2017


The NSE Big Data Challenge 2017 is back with something different – student teams will design their own experiment, collect and analyse data related to the self-defined question using the SENSg device, and draw conclusions that can aid in public policy in Singapore. The Challenge has two categories – 1 for Secondary Schools (age 13 – 17 students), and 1 for JCs, Polytechnics and ITEs (age 17 and above). Teams from JCs, ITEs and polytechnics will also get researchers and engineers from Accenture, Delta Electronics, DSTA, Fujitsu, Government Technology Agency of Singapore, IBM, Institute for Infocomm Research, Microsoft, NCS, SAP, SMRT, and ST Engineering as mentors to guide them during the whole process.

This year’s Challenge will focus on “Sustainable Urban Living”. Teams will choose from one of the following sub-themes:
(1) Physical Comfort
(2) Mobility
(3) Neighbourhood
(4) Health & Wellbeing
(5) Arts, Culture & Heritage

Preparatory Workshops

As part of the Challenge, teams will get to participate in a preparatory workshop for NSE Big Data Challenge 2017. The workshop is recommended for teachers/mentors and team members and will be held on 22, 24, 26 and 29 May 2017. Please note that teams only need to attend one session.

Click to download the NSE briefing slides.

Click to download the NSE detailed document.

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Judging Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Research (25%) – Definition & analysis of the problem; types and number of quality sources cited to strengthen the claim
  • Solution (25%) – Innovation, impact and technical accuracy
  • Experiment (25%) – Experiment plan, execution and methodology, error analysis
  • Reporting/Supporting Materials (25%) – quality of text and visualisation, effectiveness of report’s presentation



  • 1st Prize – Trip to Japan + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • 2nd Prize – $5000 Cash gift + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • 3rd Prize – Smart fitness watch, power bank + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund
  • Consolation Prizes – Wireless speakers, power bank + Cash contribution to the school’s student fund

Winners of NSE Big Data Challenge 2017

Congratulations to all winners and finalists of NSE Big Data Challenge 2017!

Secondary School Category

Winner: Team Beeblebrox from Nanyang Girls’ High School

  • Fan Xilin
  • Jiang Nuoyi
  • Qian Zichen
  • Wen Qianyi
  • Yang Yue

2nd Prize: Team VCA from Victoria-Cedar Alliance

  • Benedict Chong Kai Chong
  • Khin Rati San
  • Koh Rei Min Ashley
  • Lee An Min Amanda
  • Oh Zhi Yang, Bryant

3rd Prize: Team Unicorn from Nanyang Girls’ High School

  • Faith Teo Kai En
  • Lim Jia Qi
  • Nicole Lim Sze Ting
  • Tan Wye Yan
  • Shan Yunhong

Consolation Prize: Team Excellence from Springfield Secondary School

  • Jordan Ng Ruiyi
  • Muhammad Zulfarhan
  • Nurfarhana Bte Sadimin
  • Sofiah Insyirah

Consolation Prize: Team 3 from Victoria School

  • Adithya Srinivasan
  • Chua Wei Yu
  • Goyal Yash
  • Kim Min Seo
  • Oliver Lim Zi-Hern

Post-Secondary School Category

Winner: Team Quattro from Singapore Polytechnic

  • Havenesh Balakrishnan
  • Jess Ng
  • Ng Shei Er
  • Yap Hong Rui, Brandon
  • Yap Hui Xuan, Rachel

2nd Prize: Team NPLSCT from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Adam Ihsan
  • Clarice Nicole Lee Si Hui
  • Michelle Chua Shin Rong
  • Quay Yi Xuan Dana
  • Yao Yu Peng

3rd Prize: Team 17RVY6

  • Benjamin Yoap Rui Kai
  • Chen Xinyi
  • Lincoln Too Xin Da
  • Yap Jing Kang

Consolation Prize: Team Health Ranger from ITE College West

  • Aide Nur Roiif Bin Ramli
  • Dexter Chua Cheng Zuo
  • Galistan Janine Christine P
  • Hui Kay Jin
  • Nur Hidayat Bin Mohd Tahir

Consolation Prize: Team Steam from ITE College West

  • Jeremy Lim Min Hui
  • Lu YeDa
  • Neo Wei Xiang
  • Ng Nian Hui Damien
  • Reuben Ng

Consolation Prize: Team ATAS from Millennia Institute

  • Hu Yu Ping
  • Jervis Yeo
  • Tai Bin Fen Fennie
  • Tan Wen Ru